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Global Crowdfunding NFT series

Are you a Chia farmer? Let the world know about your story in our community composite project. This fun project allows you to share your passion for Chia, record a history for the ages, and share it with everyone. We will be creating compositions of your stories, photos and songs with some of the best talent in the ecosphere.

How to

Chia Global Community Crowdfunding NFTs

How can I participate?

We will periodically have a new activity. You simply upload information for each activity, tag it with a nickname, community, email and sign submission with the Goby Chia wallet.

What will be the end product?

We will create a synthesized composition of the submitted works based around each ones theme. This will be a one-of-a-kind NFT product that will be auctioned off on the largest Chia NFT marketplace. Only one minted NFT of each work will also ensure this is a very rare collectable that will have its sale proceeds shared with the communit.

  • Mint your NFT

    Upload photos or audio files as required and we will mint your NFT for you for free.

  • Compose one NFT

    When a sufficient amount is collected or the deadline is set, we will stop collecting and combine all the pictures into one NFT art work. If it is audio, it is synthesized into a musical composition.

  • Auction

    Auction proceeds will be distributed as follows:
    Auction Proceeds Allocation:
    Production team: 15%
    Participants: 50%
    Donated 35% to the Chia Grant Fund
    Royalties: 30%



Please upload a photo of your farm with your name and words on stickers.


1、 Uploaded works must not have pornography, gambling and drugs, lewd gestures, and must not violate the laws and customs of various countries. In general keep it clean.
2、 Uploaded works must be their own original, and must not violate the privacy, intellectual property and copyright of others;
3、 Submit before the timeframe for each theme deadline expires;
4、 Since the Chia NFT standard has not yet been introduced, the creation of NFT works will be on hold until the Chia NFT standard is launched and the NFT marketplace is launched;
5、 Chia Crowdfunding NFT's CAT:CCN, issued by MaxiDAO. You will receive a CCN at the address of each successfully uploaded work. This is a receipt for successful upload and redeemable to receive its own NFT work.

  • Upload photos

Image format: support png, jpg, jpeg;
aspect ratio: 1:1, other ratios will be double cropped to 1:1. Minimum 400*400px, maximum 1024*1024px;
Image size: but the file size is within 5M.

  • MaxiPool
  • Digital Spaceport
  • XCH Gallery
  • 十万哥社区
  • Nchain 社区

Note: Users who have completed registration on MaxiPool, please fill in the same email address as the registration information to get points.

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Four Themes

  • Theme 1

    Chia Farms Around the World

    Requirements:Upload a photo of your own Chia farm gear, tag it with a nickname and anything you want to say in a sticker, file format JPG, size 400X400 px.

    What it will create:A huge map of Chia Farms composited into a large picture.

  • Theme 2

    Chia Body Shape Logo

    Requirements:Upload a chia logo shape photo shaped with a body shape, file format JPG, size 400X400. Do your best to pose like a Chia leaf for your picture.

    What it will create: A large picture of the Chia logo, consisting of composition of multiple smaller pictures.

  • Theme 3

    Chia in your Words

    Requirements: Upload three sentences of text, white characters on a black background, expressing your Chia journey. All languages accepted. Add your nickname and Chia wallet address, JPG format, size 400X400.

    What it will create:A large word tree of the phrases near and dear to every farmer.

  • Theme 4

    Chia sing-a-long

    Requirements:Record a short hum, tune, or other vocalization that mentions "Chia". 10 seconds max length, format Mp3.

    What it will create:These vocals will be synthesized into a single composited audio song.


Chia Global Community is a big family! Thank all to make our voice louder so the world can hear!
Following are our honor alliance members to help reach out. Thanks for everyone! We will mint their logos into every composite NFT and be record on Chia Blockchain forever!
If you are a Chia community and willing to join us, you are always welcome!


Decentralized Autonomous Organization

  • RON


    The pioneer of Bitcoin CPU miners and asic based Bitcoin mining owners; architect of high-concurrency system for large scale SaaS platform; and console game enthusiasts.

  • A2Z


    Leader of public blockchain development team, ex-engineering leader of AWS infrastructure and hardware services.

  • Monk


    Builder and innovator launched multiple services in ex-aws and azure, experienced on distributed system.

  • Hera


    Ex-Apple product and operations expert; BD manager of blockchain team.

  • K.K.


    Full-Stack developer with 10+ years building distributed system and filed a series of patents on distributed storage area. Leading developer on multiple blockchain projects.